Because how I come across to others is a part of who I am, I’ve asked my friends, colleagues and clients to take a shot at describing me.  Let’s see how this goes …
Note: The quotes below have been run through checks for both spelling and inside jokes.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin through my Fiance’s brother. She was nothing but great from the moment I emailed her to get help with my website and business forms. She was very quick to reply to my messages and was willing and able to perform all the tasks that I asked of her. She even looked into different websites for me to see if their products would be useful for what I was trying to put on my own website.

Kristin is detail oriented and gets the job done in a timely manner. Thanks again Kristin for all your hard work and if I ever need website or form building help again, I’ll definitely be back!

Eric Mills

Owner, Flow Physical Therapy - Chicago

I am pleased and honored to write a recommendation for Kristin Richey. Habitat for Humanity of McLean County has worked with Kristin on a volunteer basis for over two years now.

Kristin approached Habitat with the desire to give back to an organization she was passionate about in her own community. We were excited to have Kristin design a series of note cards that could be used to communicate and thank donors, volunteers and our families. Kristin was always very professional with her volunteer service. She also was very respectful of our wishes for the designs and timely in her turn around.

Kristen Sand

Program Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity

Kristin Richey is a terrifically talented designer. Hard working, confident, and with a keen intelligence, she was able to to re-vision our website and create a high intuitive space for all our constituencies.

She is an individual who has warm, professional relationships and maintains a clear vision of her goals and objectives. She possesses a unique blend of intelligence, humor and a strong work ethic. She shares her ideas readily and appropriately with our staff team. In short, I know that the Arts Center has benefited a great deal from Kristin’s investment in her role. …

Doug Johnson

Director, McLean County Arts Center

Kristin is a very unique person, and one of the most interesting people I have worked with. Her organizational skills are very strong and (she) does an amazing job at keeping the Prototype Service Team and the User Interface Designers, who are interested in doing prototyping at State Farm, organized and keeping the communication strong. She has great coding skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

While she is awesome at so many things, like all humans we have our flaws. Her flaw: She hasn’t seen Dr. Who. I mean come on?!?! who hasn’t seen Dr. Who?

Jonathan Klein

Front-End Web Developer, AutonomouStuff, LLC

Kristin is a knowledgeable and tireless advocate for the end user experience. Her ability to grasp abstract concepts paired with her front end development expertise balances customer needs to have both a creative and practical solution.

We worked together on one of the largest end-to-end digital projects and with many teams to manage, I could always rely on Kristin to be a team player, deliver on time and proactively engage with me on issues.

Amelia Cole

Program Manager / UX Strategist, Avanade

Sweet, spontaneous and smart. Reads a little like a book review blurb, doesn’t it? Sorry, I hope you weren’t expecting anything especially insightful.

Kristin is an extremely knowledgeable and capable web developer and user experience designer. She has high standards which show in her work, is a delight to work with, and goes out of her way to be helpful when she can. Any organization that employs her will be fortunate to have her.

Bill Gregg

Interface Designer, State Farm

Kristin is a very helpful and approachable user interface professional. I have had the pleasure of working with her on multiple projects.She exhibits leadership and is knowledgeable in many areas of web development and design. Kristin was instrumental in the implementation and growth of developer focused programs and groups. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. Michael Whitfield

You are a great person, more funny than I thought, and (I’m) glad we all got a chance to know one another while working the daily grind at SF, you never what to expect in that noggin of yours and I like that because you’re kind, funny, smart, weird, and caring and at the end of the day a real friend … and definitely glad we all have met one another. Darrell Richards

Sr. User Experience Architect, Caterpillar

Kristin has a very strong work ethic and in my short time working with her she demonstrated a strong desire to constantly expand and improve upon her creative skill set.

She’s also exceedingly nice and polite, even when you know she wants to punch you for listening to music too loudly through headphones when sitting directly behind her.

Matthew Williams

Kristin appeared to be a “wizard” with web development when she built my campaign website! She took her time in asking details in order to insure the correct final result. She was easy to work with. She has enthusiasm and made me feel very comfortable as she “pulled” information from me that was important to the finished product. I recommend her very highly! Cheryl Gaines

President, Collaborative Solutions Institute

Kristin is a very talented graphic artist. She worked on multiple projects including website design, brochures and several marketing efforts.

I would recommend her to anyone and would welcome her back any time!

Eric Maxwell

Solution Architect, DotDev Inc.

I’ve known Kristin for 13 years, and she is one of the few truly creative and talented people I have ever met.

She is determined, strong willed, and just an all around wonderful person. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone as unique as her. She is one of a kind.

Christopher A. Cihon


Kristin was a delight to work with. I had a great idea for a Financial Wellness Employee Benefit and needed someone to help me promote it with the right design and appoach.

She helped us clarify our message with a great design to our marketing material.

Todd Schwartz

Managing Partner, Bridgeview Bank Mortgage

What can I say about Kristin … we like to give each other !@%$ all the time, especially when we would play Halo for God knows how long. She’s a pretty cool person though, and we can always have a good laugh after all the !@%$#-ing we may do. Nicholas Skwarek

Owner, NRS Construction, LLC

And a very special contribution from the talented Mr. Zachary Hansen

You may think you know what you want, but I know something you want even though you don’t know it yet. You want to have Kristin Richey in your life. Here is why.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a creative person, but I only tend to feel that way when I’m not in close proximity to Kristin. When I do have the pleasure of being in her company, I have this strange feeling of intimidation. Not in the traditional sense of the word though, it’s more of a sensation that melds intimidation and inspiration together, driving me to elevate myself and my work to the level she already resides at. This isn’t a feeling that’s developed over years either, it was nearly instant, and it’s likely you’ll feel the same way if the both of you should ever talk.

While this feeling does contain an element of pressure, it’s only in a positive way. I’ve felt pressured when I photographed her, but that only helped me to create a stronger image. I’ve felt pressured when I’ve shown her my newest designs, but that only helped me design something even more compelling. I feel pressure writing this right now, and I can only hope that pressure leads me to transcribe my thoughts accurately enough to express why my life is better because she is a small part of it.

Kristin and I have never lived close to each other, and we now live further apart than ever, but I’ve just come to realize that the feeling I’m describing isn’t one that has faded with distance. Every time I post an image online, I know she will see it, and as silly as it sounds, a “like” from Kristin Richey is actually worth something. If you manage to impress her, you know you’ve done something special.

So this feeling, this sensation, this energy I’ve described is just one small element of what makes up Kristin Richey, but it’s this ability to better everyone around her that makes her so exceptional.

Now I made a fairly bold statement at the beginning of this story that you would want Kristin Richey in your life. If my words have failed to convince you of that, let blame fall on me. I suggest you meet her for yourself, and before you know it, you’ll be taking time out of your day to write something like this for her, because you’ll want to help everyone else understand this extraordinary person that you’ve come to know.

Zachary Hansen

Marketing Director, Audi Exchange