Google Drive

I utilize Google Drive on a daily basis for handling everything from creating build plans for furniture to indexing genealogy records and so much more. Google has delivered these tools to us in a way that is unavoidably convenient. You can visit your Google Drive with a task in mind and not only will that task be easy to complete but it will also now be available on all of your devices if you have so set it up. What’s not to love?   … (barring of course popular concerns with privacy)

Document Collaboration is invaluable in a business environment. There are numerous tools available for this purpose. Most of these are browser based and hosted externally, which is a security concern in many industries. Even if security is fully assured, achieving Executive buy-in may be near impossible.

One potential solution for this could be the new Co-Authoring functionality in SharePoint 2013. Unlike previous versions of SharePoint, document collaboration requires no additional server setup. However, if your experience working in a company with SharePoint is anything like mine, utilization of this feature will be extremely limited as overall opinion of SharePoint is low and interest in using it more than is required is non-existant.

Businesses want a quick and easy way to allow team interaction and collaboration that doesn’t interfere with other software or processes that may be in place… a solution focused on document collaboration. Most importantly, one that can be hosted internally on corporate servers with no risk of proprietary information being accessible by third parties.

It is my belief that extending Google Drive into a package that can be self-hosted on company servers would be a very desirable solution for many businesses.


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