Professionally, I create things for the web.

In my free time, I read, paint, research genealogy and explore nature.

I used to replace the inside of watches with tiny prints of my watercolor paintings.  If you see me wearing a watch, that doesn’t always mean I know the time. I occasionally look through photos of abandoned places or read about history. I love video games and when it comes to Halo, I’m pretty good for a girl. I like Bubble Tea and karaoke, My favorite actor is Edward Norton. Some of my professional idols are Jakob NielsenLuke Wroblewski and Ethan Marcotte. I’m spontaneous, serious, and silly.

Kristin Richey


Extending Google Drive for Enterprise

I utilize Google Drive on a daily basis for handling everything from creating build plans for furniture to indexing genealogy records and so much more. Google has delivered these tools to us in a way that is unavoidably convenient. You can visit your Google Drive with...

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My Love for Adobe Captivate

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Adobe Captivate once again. The goal of my project was to increase access to information that would normally require one-on-one training. I had been wanting to put Camtasia to use and this seemed like a good opportunity....

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Freebies: Desktop Backgrounds

I got in the habit of using some of the photos from my vacation this past February as backgrounds and thought I might as well share them. These images are 1920x1200px and are free for personal and commercial use - no attribution required.  However, if you do alter the...

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Photo Restoration

I am extremely passionate about Genealogy and it is my favorite hobby. Throughout my explorations I've been lucky enough to be trusted with some very fragile and old family photos.  One of the many things technology is good for is saving what could've otherwise been...

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Online Resources for Web Creators

I get asked frequently what sites I follow and which online tools I use most frequently. In a team environment, I've regularly shared my bookmarks with others since there are so many links to share.  Below is a list of blogs & online tools I visit most frequently....

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Google Web Fonts: Open Sans EOT Files

The CSS below can be included in an IE8 Conditional Stylesheet to specify each weight & style of Open Sans as it's own font-family when using Google Web Fonts. This can be used to fix a common font-rendering issue in IE8 caused by a limitation in the number of...

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